Available from  Hedgerow Books

Available from Hedgerow Books


Praise for Little Terrarium

A mind and a mind’s eye for art are evident on every page of this fine book. Beyond the beautiful, however, these poems also register a sharp regard for the natural world, for our hands-on knowledge of it, and for the plain fact that we are alive at a time when the natural world is most threatened. That is a practical predicament, but it is also a moral reality. To face the practical is a matter of will; to embrace the moral, as this book makes clear, is a matter of love. The love on these pages is human and searching—such is the love we need for art and the love we seek for wisdom.

Maurice Manning

Hannah Fries’s poems are acutely alive to the physical world in all its varied, gorgeous, and vulnerable incarnations from rain to moon snail, moosewood to worm, fox to orchid. With rich imagery and fresh detail, Little Terrarium wakes us up to all the layers of “glimmer and decay.”

Ellen Bass

Hannah Fries writes with passionate urgency and perspicacious care about love for the planet and its struggle. Most arresting is her deep engagement with the plant world, for which Noah's wife finds a task that her husband has neglected in seeking to save the richness of life. This is a book to savor for its beautiful language and greatness of spirit.

Alison Hawthorne Deming